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La Palapa Marina

#16 Airport Boulevard
Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
T: +1-721-545 3213

Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm
(Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

Tender Dock available
behind the shop!





Why Buy?

Buying Snorkel Gear

Buying Scuba Gear

Buying Dive Computers

Since you can readily rent snorkel and scuba gear from us and at most resorts and popular dive areas, why, you may wonder, do you need to invest in your own gear. Here are some points to consider....

  • Everything fits
    When you own your own gear, you buy exactly the right size - so no headache from an incorrectly sized mask, jaw fatigue from a mouthpiece that is too big or too small, no tank hitting you in the head, no wetsuits so baggy that they don't keep you warm at all or blisters on your feet.

  • Cleanliness
    With your own gear you know who has been sucking on that mouthpiece! Or ........... in your wetsuit!

  • Better performance
    Rental stock is usually the most basic of models. With your own gear you can choose for better performance where it matters most to you and accessories that enhance the way you dive.

  • Everything works
    With your own gear you are in charge of the maintenance schedule, which means you can prevent a broken mask or fin strap, leaking regulator, self-inflating BCD or dead computer (to name a few).

  • It suits you
    There are a lot of personal preferences and options in dive gear. Rental stock is usually of the basic "one size / style suits all" variety. Therefore your own personal gear, from style and fit to colour is..... well, personal.

  • What to buy First?
    The first thing to buy is your Snorkel Gear, and within this grouping start with your Mask, specifically if you have an unusual face shape or need corrective lenses - rental masks are stock standard for the average face. Then buy your Snorkel and Fins and maybe a simple mesh bag to put it all in. This basic equipment will allow you to snorkel when and where you want and scuba dive with the confidence that you won't have a leaky mask underwater or a sore spot on your face for the next few days.

    What to buy Second?
    On our list the next item would definitely be a Lycra Rash Guard for added sun protection and protection from jelly fish stings. For those venturing into scuba diving or colder waters it is important to purchase a correctly fitting Wetsuit - not only for warmth, but also for cleanliness (I know what I do in my wetsuit!)

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    Then on to your Scuba Gear:
    You breath off your Regulator so this is the first, and in our opinion the most important piece of Scuba Equipment. Buy the best performing regulator you can afford. Attached to your regulator you will need an Octopus and either a Console or Dive Computer with tank air pressure and depth readings. You will also need a BCD Quick Disconnect Hose; however that is usually supplied with a new BCD.

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    The waters can be crystal clear and calm, the fish and corals all out on display, but poorly fitting / working gear can ruin your day. Surveys show that snorkelers and divers who own their own gear dive more, learn more and enjoy their diving more.

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